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  1. Procedure for the Formation of a Transition Team

    In consequence of adopting the new structure and methodology by the leadership teams, the Structure Team proposed a procedure for the formation of the Transition Team. The Transition Team will be tasked with providing guidance and processes to transition into the new structure.

    The process outlined below was debated and voted on by the leadership teams, and adopted with 23 votes cast, and all...

  2. Kunena 4.0.2 xss resolution

     This version is a security release and addresses most of the important issues that were discovered in K 4.0.1
    Developer update statement
    developer  @kunena did not inform VEL

  3. BT Portfolio,3.0.5 and below,Other

    BT Portfolio,3.0.5 and below,Other

  4. SimpleImageUpload by Tuts4You, 1.2 and below, Other

    SimpleImageUpload by Tuts4You, 1.2, Other

  5. Book Review: Programming Joomla! Plugins by Jisse Reitsma

    Programming Joomla! Plugins by Jisse Reitsma is a very precisely named book.

    Jisse takes 350 pages to cover every aspect of coding Joomla plugins.

    Plugins are often forgotten about by Joomla users, relegated in importance behind templates, components and modules.

    Jisse dedicates a whole book to restoring plugins to their proper place - central to Joomla's power and flexibility.

    If anyone is...